Dog caught in driver’s seat of moving car in speed camera photo in Slovakia

Traffic camera shows dog behind wheel of car

Ru-roh. The driver of a car in Slovakia was fined after a speed camera appeared to capture a dog behind the steering wheel of his moving vehicle, officials said.

Slovakian police detailed the incident in a Facebook post Friday, saying the Skoda was speeding in the western Slovakian village of Šterusy. The brown hunting dog, who appeared to be sitting in the driver’s seat, was caught in action in the now viral speed camera photo.

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Posted by Polícia Slovenskej republiky on Friday, September 29, 2023

Police joked that, unfortunately for the pup-etrator, his hunting plans for the day were likely spoiled.

The 31-year-old car owner, and driver of the vehicle at the time, argued that the pet had unexpectedly jumped into his lap — but police said there was no evidence of that, as no such movement was recorded on camera.

Police did not confirm when the incident occurred or what the fine was. Police also urged drivers to transport their animals carefully to avoid similar dangerous situations.


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